Almond Cashew Mysore Pak


As a kid Diwali to me meant loads and loads of sweets and savouries and also bursting crackers and meeting family and friends. 

You know how out of all our friends how we always end up being closer to one in particular? that is exactly what mysore Pak is to me, super special 🙂

Mom and Granny made sure, each diwali Mysore Pak, a simple yet extravagant sweet made off just 3 ingredients, Bengal Gram Flour, Sugar and Ghee, was never skipped 🙂 

I came up with an idea to make this even more delicious. And that was to add almonds and cashews to it. To be honest I cannot take complete credit for making this. My Mum stood by me through out, so I am giving her a 75% credit 😀

My maa says, 1) never lose patience while preparing this sweet. 2) the amount of ghee the besan asks for depends on various factors. So if your mysore pak asks for more ghee than you imagined, DO NOT GET ANGRY, I repeat, Please do not get angry, because then, your mysore pak is going to get angry and it’ll turn out to be the worst thing you’ve ever prepared.

Conclusion – 2 things which will be required while preparing this sweet are:




  1. Sugar – 3 cups
  2. Besan/ Bengal Gram Flour – 1 cup
  3. Ghee – 2 1/2 cups ( or more)
  4. Almond and Cashew paste – 1 cup

The size of the cup may vary depending upon the quantity you wish to make. 

This is my measurement cup which is approx 250 ml




  1. Sieve the gram flour. I skipped this step since I used super fine besan by Madam.
  2. In hot water, add almonds and cashews. After about 30 minutes, drain the water and peel off the skin from almonds. Grind it to a smooth paste. IMG_20171018_180836_Bokeh
  3. On super low flame start heating up ghee. Make sure it does not get burnt. IMG_20171018_194334



  • In a heavy bottom pan (kadhai) add sugar and just enough water to cover the sugar. IMG_20171018_192137_Bokeh
  • Once the sugar dissolves, let it boil until it reaches one-two string consistency.
  • Add besan ( does not matter if you add it at once) start removing the lumps till you see the mixture is completely smooth. The reason it does not matter whether you add the besan little by little or all at once is because it will anyway form lumps so there’s not much advantage of the first option.
  • Add almond cashew paste and stir it till it has mixed completely in the sugar and flour mixture.  IMG_20171018_201254_Bokeh
  • I left a few pieces of almond as it is for personal reasons 🙂
  • Start adding ghee at this stage, a ladle or two at a timeIMG_20171018_201859_Bokeh.  Immediately start stirring the mixture. As soon as you add ghee, the mixture should become frothy, which is a sign that your ghee is at the right temperature. Also, make sure this temperature is maintained.IMG_20171018_201900_Bokeh
  • Keep adding ghee as and when the besan asks for it, i.e. once the ghee is completely absorbed by the besan, keep adding more ghee.
  • Once you see that the mixture is getting hard to stir and is getting stretchy, comes together and nets form when mixed, it is almost the beginning of the end of the procedure. IMG_20171018_204421
  • Once the mixture stars bubbling up and when you pick up the ladle, the mixture falls in one lump, it is time you put off the flame. IMG_20171018_205116
  • Greece the tray with ghee and immediately add the mixture as soon as it reaches the above consistency. IMG_20171018_205922
  • As per the shape required, gently mark cuts when just poured. So that once it’s completely cooled it’ll be easy for you to cut mysore pak into pieces 🙂

P.S. The besan may ask for more or less than 2 1/2 cups, so I would advise you to keep more ghee ready just in case 🙂 According to my measurement, I used exactly a ltr of ghee.

NOTE- You will be tempted to keep the flame on high and finish the dish off. But in the end all you’d get is burnt sweet besan. Keep the flame on  low, and give this dish loads of love and you will see the difference 🙂 


Remember, patience is the key to get this dish right. 

Happy Diwali once again. Spread love through out the world through food 😀 


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